We offer excellent quality English, maths and science tuition for secondary students. Our friendly, professional and experienced tutors provide expert teaching and support, using some of the best online learning tools. Whether your child is struggling with a particular topic, wants to boost their GCSE grade or is just wanting to build more confidence with these all important subjects, we are here to help them reach their unique learning goals. 

Why Should You Choose Learning Cabin?

At Learning Cabin we believe every child can succeed, no matter how hard they may find something. We help children to develop a positive attitude that no challenge is too tough. We get to know children as individual learners, identifying their strengths and weaknesses, and therefore helping them make the progress they need. Our small group tuition sessions are engaging, relaxed and friendly, whilst also being structured and focused.

A child’s journey at secondary school is a crucial time to develop positive learning habits, to aid them in the classroom, in all important exams, and in their future. We not only support students with topics they are finding tricky, but work to develop their independence with tackling and overcoming challenges on their own. We use some of the best learning tools, along with innovative, effective teaching methods to give our students a fantastic learning experience.

Proven Progress

We help children to make incredible progress. Our tuition programmes have been proven to help children achieve around 18 months progress in just one year. Our secondary tuition will prepare your child perfectly for their end of term tests and to get the best GCSE grade possible.

High Quality Yet Affordable Secondary Tuition

We truly believe tuition shouldn’t cost the earth, and we are proud of the excellent value we offer. Priced at an affordable £15 per hour, we aim to make our tuition accessible for as many children as possible.

It Is Easy To Get Started

We offer a free trial session as a first step to starting your child’s journey with us. There is no obligation to join after the free trial, but it is a great chance for your child to experience one of our tuition sessions, as well as for their tutor to get to know them and their learning needs. 

After your child has attended a trial session, it’s easy to join! Parents can register their child online, to start whenever they would like (subject to availability).

Why not give your child the chance to join our community of confident, positive learners? Sign up for a free trial today! 

    We also offer maths and English tuition at primary levels, as well as specialist 11+ and entrance exam preparation classes. See our full list of classes here:

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