We provide exceptional science tuition for 11-16 year olds. If your child is struggling with secondary science at school, or is doing well and simply wants to boost their overall GCSE grade, our expert tutors and excellent learning tools can help.

Why Is Learning Cabin The Right Choice For You and Your Child?

At Learning Cabin we recognise that everyone’s learning journey is different, but ultimately we believe that every child can succeed and reach their goals, given the right guidance, support and teaching. Perhaps they need to learn why voltage is like rolling down a hill or why you shouldn’t put potassium in acid. Maybe they want to be a doctor but don’t yet understand how the heart work. That’s why when we book your child in for a free trial session with us, we will take the time to talk through your child’s individual strengths and areas for development, to help us to provide tailored and personalised support. Our small group tuition sessions are engaging, friendly and relaxed, whilst also being focused and structured.

We Increase Your Child’s Confidence

Learning science can be tough. There will always be areas that take longer to master. That’s why we are here to help. Our aim is to increase our students’ confidence and enjoyment of the subject. We help children to develop a positive attitude and determination to never give up. Our fantastic tutors and excellent learning resources equip children with vital learning skills which will benefit them now, and in years to come.

Exceptional Progress At An Exceptional Price

We help children to make the progress they need. On average we expect children to make around 18 months progress with us in just one year. 

Learning Cabin provides exceptional quality tutoring without the huge price tag. We offer great value, affordable tuition. For instance, our secondary and GCSE science tuition is priced at just £19 per hour. 

How Do You Get Started? It Is Easy!

As a first step, we offer a free taster session for your child to experience our learning environment, and use our learning tools whilst being supported by a tutor. This gives us a chance to get to know them and work on identifying their unique learning needs. There is no obligation to sign up after the trial.

Once your child has completed their free trial, signing up is easy. Parents can register their child online, to start as soon as they would like, subject to availability. 

We would love to support your child in achieving their goals. Book a free trial today and join our community of happy, confident and successful learners! 

    We also offer maths and English tuition for secondary students including GCSE preparation, as well as maths, English and 11+ specialist tuition for primary age students. Check out all of our other classes here

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