We deliver expert, quality science tuition for secondary students aged 11-16. Whether your child wants to reach their full potential ahead of their science GCSE, or they need a bit of extra support to boost their confidence in this important subject, we can help them reach their goals.

Science tuition

Our specialist science tuition is tailored for each individual child, assessing and supporting their gaps and weaknesses. When you book your child’s free taster session, we will work closely to get to know them, whilst they experience our supportive, relaxed and friendly group learning environment. We use some of the best online learning resources to ensure your child makes the progress they need.

Our top quality classes are provided at an affordable price of £19 per hour. Your child will be supported in a 1:6 ratio (1:4 online) – allowing for a perfect balance between receiving support where they need it, and putting their skills to the test in independent practice. 

You can learn more about our science classes, plus other subjects, and book a free trial here: 


Book your free trial today to help your child achieve fantastic results, boost their confidence and love of science! 

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