We offer your child expert, inspirational maths tuition. Whether your child is struggling, needs a confidence or motivation boost or would like to be challenged and stretched further in mathematics, we are here to help. We offer classes for children aged between 6-16. 

maths tuition

At Learning Cabin, we understand that maths can be tricky. We also love it, and we want all our students to truly enjoy it too! Your child will work with our passionate, fun and caring tutors who will treat your child as an individual to help them make the progress they need.

Try It Out

Your child will first attend a free trial session, whereby we can get to know them a little better. You child will be able to experience one of our fantastic group sessions. Every child learns differently, so therefore we offer bespoke, personalised tuition to suit every child’s needs. 

Great Quality Affordable Maths Tuition

In general, we believe that great quality maths tuition shouldn’t break the bank. Therefore your classes are priced at £19 per hour. Despite the affordable price Learning Cabin still aims to give your child the best possible Maths tuition. Seeing that they will be working in a small group of up to 6 (up to 4 in our online classes) it allows for the perfect balance between working individually and independently. Following a full assessment, the tutor will give your child direct support individually wherever they need help. 

How To Join

Book your free trial today and ignite your child’s passion for learning! We can’t wait to help make a difference to your child’s education journey. After your child has attended their free trial, you can register using our simple online booking portal.

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