Tuition is becoming the norm. Over 40% of children have had tuition in London and that figure keeps rising. But how can you afford the £4000 some parents pay each year so that their child can have a well qualified teacher as a tutor? How do you keep the energy of a classroom whilst getting the individual attention that your child needs? And how can you inspire a love of learning in your child?

At Learning Cabin we think that everyone should have access to a high quality tutor to help them make progress. We believe that children should develop their confidence and have no concerns about making mistakes on their way to success. We think that your child should be proud of their achievements and their efforts whilst being unafraid to ask us for help when they need it. We believe that when a child gains a ‘love of learning’ you’ll see true progress which, in time, will lead to exam success whilst developing skills to protect them in the ever changing job market to come.

Each of our tuition centres is overseen by a qualified teacher ensuring that your child’s progress is monitored in line with the national curriculum. Our interactive sessions combine written methods alongside iPads and have been proven to provide 18 months of maths progress per year. You’ll receive regular updates to find out just how much progress your child has made.

Locations (Eltham and Woolwich)

Our Eltham centre is located inside Harris Academy Greenwich, Eltham. You’ll find us there on Saturdays 10am-1pm. Our Woolwich centre is located inside the Clockhouse Community Centre, Woolwich Dockyard. Our Woolwich centre is open on Tuesdays 4pm-6pm. Children will usually come for 1 hour every week and will be tutored by a fun and engaging tutor in a small group of 6. Each child is individually assessed and will be working on their own separate programme which will focus on the specific areas of maths, English or the 11+ curriculum that are identified for them. They get all the individualised benefits of a one-to-one tutor whilst being able to develop their classroom skills in an engaging small group setting. Sessions cost £15 per hour.

We even offer a free taster session just so that you can see what we do!

So what are you waiting for? Call 020 3368 3244 at any time to book your free taster session. Alternatively fill in the following contact form below and we’ll call you!

Learning Cabin develop growth mindset. Call 020 3368 3244 to book a free taster session and find out how.