We offer engaging and inspiring primary maths tuition. Delivered by an expert Ks1 tutor or an expert KS2 tutor, we use the best learning tools, creative teaching methods and a supportive environment to help children build confidence and make progress in maths. We offer KS2 tuition for Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 which encompasses the entire KS2 curriculum. For KS1 tuition we help Year 2 students to develop their confidence leading up to the SATs test.

Why should you choose Learning Cabin?

At Learning Cabin, we believe your child can succeed, given the right support and opportunities. We understand that perhaps for your child maths is easy and they are in need of something to challenge them or perhaps they find it tricky, and confidence is lost. Whereas some forms of tuition can actually make that problem worse, instead we help children to regain that confidence, unlock their potential and push themselves to overcome their biggest challenges. It is important to us that children have fun, and enjoy the learning process as well as make fantastic progress.We help children develop a love of learning and desire to succeed, which will help them at school, in exams and beyond for years to come. Students have been proven to make 18 months of progress in 1 year with us. 

High Quality And Affordable

We pride ourselves in making our tuition affordable as well as high quality. Our small group classes are priced at just £19 per hour; very affordable. While this may be true, we do not compromise on quality. We aim to provide the best possible primary maths tuition. We can’t wait for you to meet your expert KS2 tutor or KS1 tutor.

How Can You Try It?

We offer a free trial session as the first step of your child’s journey with us. There is no obligation to join after the free trial. It is a chance for you and your child to get a feel for our learning experience, as well as let us get to know your child’s strengths and areas for development. This will help us give them the best personalised support should they join us. 

What Does The Course Involve?

This course covers the National Curriculum in full and will prepare for your child to succeed throughout school. The course will assess the level your child is currently working at and will stretch and challenge them, no matter whether they are falling behind or flying ahead. Our skilled KS1 tutor or KS2 tutor will know exactly how to help.

KS1 Tuition

Year 2

For Year 2 students, your child will cover concepts such as ordering numbers from 1 to 100 with our KS1 tutor. Your Year 2 tutor will also help your child to solve problems involving quantities and measures alongside the rest of the curriculum. Year 2 tuition will set your child up with a strong foundation in maths from an early age. Our exciting KS1 tutor will keep them entertained and help them to develop a love of learning.

KS2 Tuition

Year 3

In Year 3, your child will be able to estimate and read time with increasing accuracy whilst also comparing durations of events. Our Year 3 tutor will help your child transition from doubling to understanding the concept of multiplication and division. They will also learn everything else they need. Year 3 tuition will help your child to understand maths in greater depth, setting them up for a fantastic school career.

Year 4

Once your child has reached Year 4, we will have a strong focus on times tables and multiplication in preparation for the end of year assessment. They will feel confident and fully prepared. A Year 4 tutor will also be developing your child’s knowledge of fractions, such as finding equivalents and fraction arithmetic. We will cover the entire syllabus and make sure that your child feels confident in their learning at school.  Year 4 tuition will provide a great foundation if they choose to do the 11+ assessment.

Year 5

In Year 5, alongside our specific 11 plus course, we also offer a primary maths course which simply boosts confidence in school. Your child will learn about prime numbers alongside how to break a number into its prime factors. Additionally, our Year 5 tutor will help your child to convert between units of metric measurement and will support them to learning everything they find challenging at school. Year 5 tuition will help set your child up for success, leading into their final year of primary school.

Year 6

For Year 6 students, we can prepare your child with SATs tuition or standard Year 6 tuition. Alongside our normal tuition, your SATs tutor will also prepare your child with the relevant exam techniques to use. Exam technique includes how long to spend on each question, showing your working and also how to work under pressure. Together with your Year 6 tutor, we will cover topics such as ratio and proportion accompanied by statistics such as averages and pie charts.

Get Started

After your child has attended a free trial session, either online or face to face in one of our learning centres, it’s easy to join! Parents can sign their child up for our classes as soon as they would like, subject to availability. 

We would love to welcome your child to our family of positive, confident and happy learners. Book your free trial session today!  

    Of course, we also provide expert primary English tuition, as well as maths, English and science at secondary levels, as well as specialist tuition for 11+ and entrance exams. In order to make sure you are on the right course, check out all of our classes here: 



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