We provide excellent quality, expert GCSE maths tuition. If your child would like to boost their GCSE grade, or just develop more confidence towards this important subject, our tutors and fantastic learning tools are here to help. 

At Learning Cabin, we believe in every child’s potential. We all learn in different ways, which is why we tailor and personalise the support we give to our students. Our tutors are experts in the subject, but are also highly skilled in supporting and teaching students in the right way, to help them reach their goals and make the progress they need. We will discuss your child’s unique learning needs with us when we contact you to book in a free trial.

GCSE maths

Prepare for GCSE maths

Our tuition helps children prepare not only for those all important GCSE maths exams, but also equips them with valuable study and learning skills that will aid them later in life. 

We have been proven to help children achieve incredible results with us. Many of our GCSE students have achieved grade 9 results from doing a year or more of tuition with us.

High Quality Tuition For An Affordable Price

Our quality tuition is provided at an affordable price of just £19 per hour. Within small group sessions, students are closely supported with their learning as well as having the space and time to apply their knowledge independently, developing those vital self study skills. 

How can you start?

The first step of your child’s journey with Learning Cabin is to book in a free taster session. This will enable them to experience our learning environment and have a go at using our online learning tools. It is also a great opportunity for their tutor to get to know them, so they know how and what to support in future lessons. There is no obligation to sign up after the trial. 

Once your child has attended their taster session, registering is easy! Parents can do this themselves online, and start tuition sessions for their child as soon as they would like to (subject to availability).

Why not give your child the opportunity to exceed their goals and expectations? We would be delighted to welcome your child to our community of confident, positive and ambitious mathematicians! Seeing that your child can try out tuition with no obligation to sign up, book your free trial today!

    We also have other courses so check them out at learningcabin.co.uk/tuition-classes

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