You can certainly discover excellent quality English tuition at Learning Cabin; just meet our expert tutors who can be summed up in one word: passionate. Your child will, without a doubt, discover a love for the subject. They will engage, enjoy and be confident; focusing in particular on the areas of the English curriculum that they need to work on. In general, this is important from key stage 1 all the way up to GCSE level. 

English tuition

Tuition That Works

You want tuition that works for your child. When you visit Learning Cabin for the first time, you will see that, in contrast to other methods of tuition, we understand that every child getting English tuition has unique strengths and weaknesses. Start tuition with us and you’ll discover how we get to know your child as an individual. In view of that, your child will have a bespoke English programme built for them to help them make the progress they need.

Get Started Today

You’ll book a free trial with us and that’s when this all starts. Your child will experience one of our fantastic group sessions and we will work closely with them to get to know them. You’ll see how our tutors are there every step of the way to discuss, support and engage your child in their learning.

Quality English Tuition With Affordable Prices

You will see that we are offering great quality tuition on the one hand whilst offering affordable prices on the other; your child’s classes are priced at £19 per hour. Despite being affordably priced, Learning Cabin provides your child with the highest quality tuition possible. When you visit or join online, you will see that this is especially true in our small groups as your child will work in a group of just 6 in our learning centre with one of our expert tutors (or up to 4 in our online classes). In short, the tutor will support your child closely with equally important time to practice independently.

Seeing that English is such an important subject to learn, book your free trial today and unlock your child’s potential! 

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